The Awakened One

Byodo-In Temple - Valley of the Temples Kaneohe

The Awakened One represents my journey towards enlightenment. It also signifies one's travels towards wisdom. I'm not very religious, but if I had to follow one, it would be Buddhism. Perhaps more related to the fact that all life is meaningful and everything you think or do creates your future.

The Awakened One - Bamboo ForestAwaking the senses takes a lifetime, but when you obtain that awakening, you see what your purpose or drive in life is. As a designer for over 12 years in corporate settings, the once 10 year old dream has begun. Awakening the art that has always surrounded my life and being able to put it out for the world to see is the path I chose. I want to design meaningful things that inspire or help serve a bigger function in society while finding my true happiness. I want my designs to be like true street art which started as meaningful depictions of one's expression.

Thoughts can be actions, but your actions are what leave a lasting impression. Not only for yourself, but those around you.

Children are being robbed of their pursuit of happiness and being driven away from cultural aspects that could otherwise guide them to their truest function. We have become a copy-cat society, and for what, recognition and popularity, or to feel like we belong. We starve our world of ingenuity or creativeness that could really be the difference maker. We allow ourselves to be controlled by the system and more and more fall in line unknowingly. Every person's potential is nurtured by nature a.ka. environment. We should always positively reinforce any path someone chooses by accepting their passion. Of course, as long as it is not detrimental to one's life.

Educate and culture our children. Stop allowing them to be bombarded with garbage.

Byodo-In Temple - Amida Buddha

In order to address the growing mindset of mindlessness, The Awakened One represents the Buddhist mindset where you search within yourself to find meaning of whatever it is you're looking for. In our life, we live and we learn which creates moments of awakening that teaches us to grow. The shirt is a monk meditating with rays of enlightenment while the mala beads creates the shape of our drop logo. I also added the paint drip for aesthetic purposes and to tie it to the dripping of water or knowledge that gives us life. Lastly, I put it on a white and black shirt to represent the yin and yang.

Byodo-In Temple - Kaneohe Valley of the Temples Waterfall

Shawn Reed


Shawn Reed

We actually just dropped off some blanks to get them printed on tanks for the summer. I sent you an email about your request. Mahalo for the support!

Shawn Reed

I would love “the awaken one” in a black tank top is that possible?

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