Jordan 7 | Cigar and Champagne Giveaway

Calling all sneakerheads. Jordan collectors, and yes, even LeBron lovers. A legacy which will stand the test of time, Michael Jordan changed streetwear culture forever. His greatness exemplifies the importance of not only the result of unmatched hard work and perseverance, but dominating with unparalleled style.

NBA Slam Dunk Contest - 1985 | Even his gold chains are elevating!

NBA Champions (1991-1992) | Well deserved, Michael.

As a new brand in the industry, we feel it is our responsibility to pay homage to one of our biggest influences growing up, “His Airness” himself. He changed the game, both in sports, and fashion as well. I recall an old friend who wore Jordan's to his wedding, and required all his groomsmen to wear a fresh pair of Jordan's as well. Who knew a pair of sneakers would look so dapper with a tailored suit?

Coming in September, we want to extend this legacy upon two lucky winners.
For every $40 you spend on our online shop, you will receive a raffle ticket to be entered in our JORDAN SHOE GIVEAWAY. You will have a chance to be picked and win a pair of Jordan 7 “Cigar or Champagne!”

Known as the “Championship Pack,” the Jordan 7 “Cigar and Champagne” represent Michael’s first championship 3-peat. A legendary feat in which he fittingly celebrated with a pack of cigars, and bottles of champagne.

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