The World Within Us: Part II

Everyday should be a journey. A never ending adventure to find answers around us, and within.

"Art can heal or kill, art can laugh or cry, and art can speak, telling stories that connect people and their lives’."

HiDose's Journey started when Founder, Shawn Reed and Regional Marketing Manager Carlo Aguilar got together and discussed ideas about a clothing business. Both of us wanted to create a brand for many years and when we combined our thoughts it naturally took root. We talked about the current trends and how we could make something a little more true to urban fashion, something with more substance. We also discussed what we could do to help make a difference in society. Tired of seeing cookie cutter shit, our drive and our pursuit to attain global recognition through fashion is at an all time high.

Q+A with Carlo Aguilar

When did you decide that you wanted to market and start up your own clothing line?

It was during my junior high graduation, where all of the students needed to explain who they wanted to be when they grew up. I remember it like it was yesterday; I immediately knew what I was going to say: “To be a clothing designer. I want to use street art in fashion to spread positivity around the world.” I never imagined I would truly get the opportunity to.

As for the whole marketing aspect, it was not until a few years ago I decided to take business classes. I figured marketing was the best fit for me not only because I am a very sociable person, but I truly wish to create valuable, genuine relationships in and out of the workplace. So far I’ve met some pretty rad people!

What is the Medicine Tribe affiliation all about?

I was getting annoyed with seeing so many “F*ck this, F*ck that” shirts in so many streetwear brands. I understand profanity and “rebellious” attitude is a big part of urban culture, but as time progresses and technology advances, the future generations will need a much more positive influence.

“Medicine Tribe” was created as a street team platform for people who share the same passion and philosophy as we do: using art as a tool to “cure” some of society’s illness.

Our eyes and ears in the streets. Our biggest supporters. Our harshest critics. Our HiDose family.

What is your HiDose?

My HiDose is definitely basketball and surfing. When ever I have free time, you can be sure to catch me surfing at Tracks, or playing ball with the homies at Asing park.

Who are your biggest influences in the industry?

I have always loved Obey. Especially being very into the graffiti scene when I was younger, he was probably one of the biggest inspirations I had for building a clothing brand that spread knowledge through art. I also really like the whole art direction: “Balance of Opposites” with RVCA, as well as the “Artist Network Program” they do to showcase and support talented artist around the world.

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

The biggest challenge for me has been keeping my focus straight, and making the necessary sacrifices to keep pushing toward our goals. Everyday it is easy to be distracted, or be “too tired” to work on stuff today. However, the ones who have a burning passion for what they do, and work their asses off every single day towards their goals are the ones who achieve them.

What are you most appreciative of?

Waking up everyday with a purpose.

If you could do something to better the world, what would it be?

The education system. With tuition prices increasing, but the value of education not, I would work to make quality education available for every living being in the world.

Any special thanks?

I would like to thank God for blessing me with another day to pursue my ambitious dreams, and allowing me to enjoy the blessings I already have. Thank you to Shawn Reed for being a great business and life mentor, but above all a great friend. Thank you to my parents, Mario and Jocelyn, for not only breeding such a beautiful specimen, but for instilling me with a foundation of morals and virtues to guide me on the right track to success. Thank you to my brother, Gino, who guided me every step from childhood to manhood. Thank you to my girlfriend, Marifel, for always supporting me at my highest and my lowest. Finally, thank you to all my friends who have truly supported me since day one, I am very thankful to have all of you in my life.

And to all the haters and doubters out there: ALOHA!


Shawn Reed

Carlo Aguilar
Regional Marketing Manager

Carlo Aguilar

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