Family Tree PART TWO - Roots of B-boying

The start of mainstream bboy "Flash Dance" - Rock Steady Crew
B-boy... that's what it is. That's why when the public changed it to 'breakdancing' they were just giving a professional name to it, but b-boy was the original name for it, and whoever wants to keep it real would keep calling it b-boy.
-Santiago “Jo Jo” Torres | Rock Steady Crew

Today known as “breakdancing”, but known as “b-boying” for over 30 years. What ever name you may call it, the roots run as deep as the culture. With it’s flashy, captivating moves, b-boying has evolved tremendously since it’s birth years dating four decades ago during the disco era of the '70s.

Developed in the South Bronx of New York City, breakdancing was a pinnacle lifestyle in the hip hop movement of the late 20th century. Sparked by the enthusiasm, and high-energy of James Brown's dance style "the Good Foot" (and kung-fu movies!), b-boying was at a much more primitive state back then compared to what it is today. No headspins. No windmills. Mainly footwork (aka 'top rock') and poses (aka 'freeze').

A big development at the time was the heavy influence on the youth and street gangs of the South Bronx as a non-violent alternative to fighting. Usually the best b-boys of two oppositions, or gangs, would have a b-boy battle to prove who was the better clique. They would even battle for things such as turf/ territory or respect. The result was not always peaceful, sometimes eventually leading to more fighting due to the inevitable 'poor sports'. However, the Bronx has greatly benefited since then having b-boy battles as a peaceful alternative to settling beefs.

You know what, that's our fault kind of... we started dancing and going on tours and all that and people would say, oh you guys are breakdancers – we never corrected them.
-Chino “Action” Lopez | New York CIty Breakers

Dance that transcends the GLOBE

A lifestyle that transcends regional boundaries, and language barriers. From North America to Brazil, Canada to South Korea, b-boys and b-girls from all over the world still practice this hip hop freedom of expression pushing it to new heights. This is best displayed at the annual Red Bull BC One, where the creme de la creme of b-boys take the stage for bragging rights as the best bboy in the world. And it is fucking amazing.

Alex & Raws freeze for a little ocean therapy!

We had the pleasure to hang out with a couple of our homies dedicated to the b-boy lifestyle; pushing themselves to the limit everyday. Much love to our boys Ross Enriques aka “Raws the Boss” and Alex Dahl for the good times and expressing their hidose!

There's no limits to creative expression and the moves some of these dancers do are just insane or thought to be impossible to the average joe. It takes patience, ingenuity, and passion to learn the bboy lifestyle and pursue it beyond just a hobby.

Ross Enriques - Showcasing his stylish footwork

Alex Dahl - Freeze for the ocean

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