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Wind, Rain, or Shine, we out there!

Surfing The Nations & Aloha for Shriners Hospital (Regional Renegades & Bad Habits)

It's been awhile since we posted about any of our events, but to bring awareness we're visiting the past. On November & December 20th, 2015 we had the opportunity to do what this brand is all about. Give back to our community in anyway that we can.

It was a great feeling to donate a portion of our proceeds to each of these charitable events. HiDose hopes to see this business practice realized by others and expressed with actions. It's not all about the money, it's about offering what little you can to make a difference in someone's life.

"As the Owner of HiDose, I'm at that point in life where giving back and doing whatever I can to try and make this world just a little better is the primary goal of this clothing brand."

HiDose is appreciative of everyone's insight, love, and support up until this point and can't wait to see what else we can contribute to. Thank you for everyone who has stayed to listen and understand what HiDose is really all about!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to everyone who stopped by and allowed us to share our message again. Thanks to Surfing the Nations, Regional Renegades, and Bad Habits for allowing us to be part of something real. Everyone talks about it but not many really do anything about it! We hope that all the men, women, and children that are touched by these organizations can bring about change in each and everyone's life. To learn more about each of these organizations, please visit the following links: and or you can check them out on IG: @surfingthenations @regionalrenegades @badhabits808

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Shawn Reed

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