American Savings & JA Hawaii

Videographer & Editor: Carlo Aguilar

It Starts with Educating the Young Minds

Junior Achievement Hawaii has teamed up with American Savings Bank to help put an entrepreneur class into the public school systems here on Oahu. We had the pleasure of working with students from Farrington Highschool to help them prepare for their Mano Shark Tank pitch. HiDose presented insight about the business and what it would take to make things happen. This included a presentation to explain the business itself and the various methods of printing associated with the industry. HiDose also helped create the design and acquired the blanks for the students.

HiDose gathered information from the students as to why they chose apparel as their business of choice. We found that they wanted to help unify their community through school spirit among their fellow school mates. We reached out to a friend of ours (Kyle Akana) to get his expertise on tribal and this is how it turned out.

Honor and Strength are represented by the spear heads and the niho mano (shark teeth). The lauhala weave pattern combined with the koru (swirl) depicts love and life to represent the center of life. Finally, the he'e (tentacles) were used to represent togetherness or the ability to hold things.


This was such an awesome experience to be a part of. HiDose attended their proposal and their award ceremony for the Mano Shark Tank hosted by American Savings Bank.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to American Savings Bank, Junior Achievement Hawaii, Farrington High School, Jose, Aimee, and Delle. Last but not least, Kyle Akana for the wicked design. We were happy to be able to help and teach the kids on what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

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