Fall Collection Begins

Santana Graffiti - San Francisco Bay Area - Hibiscus Creed

While you've probably caught glimpses of our newest gear. We've been working really hard to figure out bigger moves that can start taking HiDose into the next stage of street fashion!

Items have been popping up recently and if you've visited us during any of our recent events, you may have already seen them or even bought one. Our Fall Collection starts with 5 new items: 2 Custom Hats, the "Hibiscus Creed" in both a shirt and hoodie. As well as our first exclusive lanyard accessory.

Hibiscus Creed - Hoodie - SF

THE HIBISCUS CREED takes us into the short and sweet of what HiDose is all about.
"The higher elevated mindset that courses through us, providing doses of ourselves, our passions, and inspirations." Using the hibiscus because it is the state flower helps keep the design rooted to Hawai'i's culture but also creates the association of "Aloha"!

We wanted to offer both a shirt and a classic kangaroo pouch hoodie to the collection for those colder days, since we've been taking the brand to the States often.

Modified Trucker & Slogan Patch - Snapback Hats

HiDose Hibiscus Creed - Shirt - SF

As big hat enthusiasts, we have been designing custom hats as of late. You can see our newest creation has developed the slogan patch and the 3D drop logo trucker. You may have already spotted our other custom floating around social media!!

Our final piece is to top off our growth with fashion and everyday functional use. Yes, it's just a lanyard, but we wanted to make it more of a fashion piece with the hand-style pattern overlay and the modular Velcro leather strap. It can be used as a pocket lanyard due to the shortened length or as a stand-alone modular Velcro use in which military or law enforcement have purchased to clip on their belts or vests.

HiDose Leather Utility Strap LanyardLeather Lanyard 2

Shawn Reed

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