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Who Are We?

HiDose was born in Hawaii with a touch of Life, Art, and Culture from different takes on life. HiDose clothing is an Urban/Street brand that speaks to consumers and allows them to express themselves in the truest sense: Life, Art, and Culture. Creating art as premium quality clothing line, from material to design, while getting away from the standard cookie cutter shit is our goal. HiDose is made by an art conscientious designer that strives for a lasting impression and complete customer satisfaction. It’s not just brand recognition, it’s about providing people with quality of life. 

“No matter what we do in life, we do it doses. That's what makes us individuals in the bigger picture. Be you, and be the drop that starts the ripple is our ideology.”


To inspire and grow as a company through innovative fashion-forward thinking with art and people at heart.


Creating art as premium quality clothing apparel that is urban at heart with equality in mind. Creating a community through fashion and other future non-profit endeavors that improve the quality of life for others.


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